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Canada Games FAST Track - Appendix B: Athlete and NSO Responsibilities
Athlete Responsibilities

Athletes applying for the Canada Games FAST Track athlete grant must:

Submit a completed application along with any supporting documentation to Canada Games FAST Track Selection Committee prior to Monday, June 2nd , 2008, 5:00 pm EST.

Ensure that all information provided is true and accurate.

If the athlete is approved, offered and accepts a Canada Games FAST Track athlete grant, the athlete agrees to:
  1. Adhere to the training and competition program as outlined in the athlete’s application.
  2. Abide by the Canadian Anti-Doping Program as set out by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.
  3. Assist Canada Games/FAST in promotional activities designed to help the Canada Games movement, where these fit the athlete’s schedule and with compensation when possible.
  4. Be available in person for a media presentation when receiving the Canada Games FAST Track athlete grant.
  5. Represent NSO at national championships or international events in the high performance stream.
If the athlete is selected, offered and accepts a Canada Games FAST Track athlete grant the athlete agrees to allow the Canada Games Council and FAST to publicly release their name as a grant recipient.

NSO Responsibilities
NSO will:
  1. Identify potential athletes through a balanced ranking system.
  2. Distribute information regarding the Canada Games FAST Track program and applications to identified athletes who fully meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Assist in monitoring the athlete’s progress and advise Canada Games / FAST administrators if athlete is failing to meet their obligations and commitments in accordance with the athletes responsibilities described above.
Canada Games/FAST Responsibilities
Canada Games/FAST will:
  1. Provide NSOs with all applicable information (application form, backgrounder etc.) relating to Canada Games FAST Track athlete grant.
  2. Establish a selection review committee to evaluate all applications.
  3. Approve and arrange payments of the grant.
  4. Advise all applicants as to the status of their application.
  5. Work with athletes and NSOs to ensure due process is followed in the work with the athletes, preparation of applications and follow ups.
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