Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador Trade Spots in Canada Games Hosting Rotation

Thursday, 5th November 2015

Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador have traded spots in the Canada Games hosting rotation, with Ontario committed to hosting the 2021 Canada Summer Games and Newfoundland and Labrador committed now to the 2025 Canada Summer Games.

“The Canada Games Council is in support of our host governments working together to find solutions that are mutually beneficial to provincial/territorial goals and interests,” says Sue Hylland, President and CEO, Canada Games Council. “We fully support the switch in hosting rotation between Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador and have no doubts that both the 2021 and 2025 Canada Games will successfully showcase the talent of our country’s top amateur athletes.”

The Province of Ontario and the Canada Games Council will continue to work together to confirm the Canada Games Council’s competitive bid process timelines and finalize material detailing the requirements and standards for hosting the 2021 Canada Games.

For more information on the change in rotation order, please see: