Roly McLenahan Torch

The Canada Games Torch was renamed the Roly McLenahan Torch in 1985, in honor of the late Roly McLenahan, who was an original member of the Canada Games Council and demonstrated a life-long commitment to youth and their participation in sport. Roly McLenahan, himself, achieved notable records in both amateur and professional sport. He became the first Director of Sport in New Brunswick in 1961, and remained in that position for 23 years. He was inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame in 1982 for his athletic prowess as a hockey player. He was instrumental in New Brunswick's support for and participation in the Games. McLenahan was inducted into the Canada Games Hall of Honor at a ceremony at the 2009 Canada Games in Prince Edward Island.

The Roly McLenahan Canada Games Torch is used to commence each Canada Games Torch Relay and must be used to ignite the official Games Flame during the Opening Ceremonies. There were two Roly McLenahan Torches: the original torch and a newer version. Both were metal, the former had a stitched leather handle (worn and somewhat loose) and the later has a wrapped leather handle (similar to that used on a bat or racquet). Both shared a similar flared top with a receptacle for a solid fuel source.

In 2010, the decision was made to update the Canada Games Roly McLenahan Torch to its current design.

The Canada Games Roly McLenahan Torch is a modern icon to represent all of the cultural, athletic, and functional elements that the Canada Games bring together. The torch is comprised of two panels, front and rear, that carry separately the iconography and messages of the Canada Games Movement, and Host Community.

The Canada Games logo is the primary forward facing graphic that leads all torch events and symbolizes the unifying body that works to promote competition and excellence in athletics across Canada in all sports, both summer and winter.

The rear panel is decorated by the relevant host community to capture and promote the additional, local values and traditions of sport.The unique stylizing of the rear panels for every Games provides unique torch designs from each event to the next, further defining Summer and Winter Games, and our tradition of host communities from across Canada.

This panel, updated with each new host community Games, is gifted to the Host Society President to provide a historic record, promoting the spirit and accomplishment of past Games.

The new Roly McLenahan Canada Games Torch stands as an appropriate symbol for every Province and Territory coming together to compete, and for our continued tradition of Inspiring Dreams and Building Champions across our great country.


Canada Games Council - Concept and Direction

  • Tiffany MacLaren
  • Patrick Kenny

Wingspan Design - Concept, design, engineering

  • Matt Herlihey
  • Mike McGuire
  • Roy Eng

Fineline Fabrications - Manufacturing

  • Mike Hemish
  • Adam Field
  • John Bertrand
  • Gavin Prus
 L’il Sucker Products - Decals and Graphic Application
  • Mike Adejelian
  • James Kelleher