150 Years of Confederation

1867 - 2017: Canada is 150 years strong

Nearly 150 years ago, at the Charlottetown and Québec conferences, the Fathers of Confederation worked on a visionary project—to create a lasting democracy—which today serves as a model for the world. Many important people, milestones, cultural and political events have shaped our country’s history and helped it grow into a Canada that is a strong model and leader in the world; proud of its identity, diversity, innovation, and natural beauty; and that is a free, open, diverse and pluralistic society.

Canada’s centennial year in 1967 helped create many important legacies that have had a lasting impact on our society, including the creation of the Canada Games. The first competition, held in Québec City, brought together 1800 athletes from 10 provinces and 2 territories and paved the way for what has become Canada’s largest multi-sport competition for young athletes.

Learn more about Canada 150 celebrations and how you can get involved with the 2017 Canada Games to acknowledge this major milestone in our country’s history: