3 super proud moms

For parents, watching your child compete brings a roller coaster of emotions. Nervousness, stress, excitement, concern, actually, you can pretty much add all the emotions to the list. But the biggest one is always Pride. Pride in seeing what your kid can accomplish and how they’re doing it on their own. C’mon, who doesn’t smile, and maybe tear up a little, when seeing moms cheer on their kids at sporting events? It’s what makes an already great Games even better.

So over the last few days, we've been taking in the competitions, but more importantly, we've been getting to know a few of the moms who are sitting on pins and needles as they watch their kids compete. Here are three moms Mary’s met so far...

Helene Deschenes-Allen, proud mom of Desiree

Proud Moms Canada Games

Helene watched as her 21 year old daughter, Desiree Allen, ran an exceptional race in the 200 m Special Olympics sprint for Team Ontario. She finished first in her heat. Desiree has been running for about two to three years now. What is truly exceptional is that once she decided to compete as an athlete she lost 55 pounds. Can you say dedication?

Desiree won her heat with a time of 28.51 seconds. Her mom Helene was so excited that tears sprung to her eyes as she finished her race. On Friday, the last day of Athletics, Desiree will be competing against Vesta Orchard, who is the daughter of...

Tara Orchard, proud mom of Vesta

Proud Moms Canada Games Winnipeg

Just like Helene, Tara Orchard is also cheering loud and proud for her 16 year old daughter in the 200 m Special Olympics sprint. Her daughter, Vesta Orchard competes for Team Manitoba and is new to the sprint competitions. Just a year ago, she was competing in long-distance running before switching to sprints. She only learned to run from the starting blocks three weeks ago! Way to go, Vesta!

Vesta hopes to get her personal best and finish in the top three of her heat. Her hard work and the support of her mom Tara have propelled her into becoming a future star.

Desiree and Vesta’s final heats take place Friday afternoon at the University of Manitoba Stadium. Good luck, ladies! We already know you win in the cheering sections.

Sherri Hogan, proud mom of Thomas

Proud Moms Canada Games Winnipeg

Sherri Hogan is no shrinking violet when it comes to cheering on her son or her province. She’s wearing all her pride on her sleeve as she watches Thomas Hogan play post for Team Prince Edward Island at Men’s Basketball. Sherri was ecstatic to see them beat Team Newfoundland and Labrador the other day. The cheering is strong with her squad.  

The Hogan family is definitely making the most of the Games. When not cheering at the basketball court, they’re going to other competitions like Beach Volleyball, dancing at the Bruno Mars concert and definitely feeling at home for PEI night at the Festival.

These are just a few stories from some of our proudest moms. Do you have one to share with us? Please send us a note.