Assists with the “behind-the-scenes” operations for the Opening and Closing ceremonies


Opening and Closing

Athlete Marshall

Duties: The various duties of the Athlete Parade team will consist of the following: to help gather and marshall the athletes to and then from their load-in area to their seats in the stands, to operate water stations, to serve as directional guides and to distribute flags and placards. Specific job assignments will be assigned at the orientation.

Skills: Good people skills; Moderate physical activity required as the role requires standing for long periods of time and the ability to walk moderately long distances.

Costume Crew

Duties: The duties of the Costume Crew may include some or all of the following:

  • assist with the inventory, labeling, possible alterations
  • maintenance, clean-up and re-set of costumes used during  rehearsals, technical and dress rehearsals
  • performance of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • responsible for the set-up, distribution and strike of all costume areas.

Skills: Strong organizational skills; Volunteers assigned should ideally be adept at using a sewing machine; Good people skills. Basic physical activity. French an asset.

Ceremony Assistants

Duties: Ceremony Assistants will assist the Production Team. Duties include general assistance and support with the production office, pre- and post-rehearsal prep, rehearsals, and backstage operations. 


  • Good people and communication skills
  • Ability to move and think quickly
  • Ability to remain calm in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks efficiently and independently
  • Able to sustain energy for long, late hours. A moderate level of physical activity is required for this role

Props Crew

Duties: The Props Crew will assist with the inventory, possible assembly, maintenance, distribution, and retrieval of props during rehearsals, technical and dress rehearsals and performances of the Opening Ceremony. 


  • Basic building/craft skills an asset
  • Good people skills
  • Adequate physical strength to maneuver large objects. A moderate level of physical activity is required for this role.

Perfomer Attendants

Duties: Each Performer Attendant will be assigned a group of performers to attend to during rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performance of the Opening Ceremony. Performer Attendants will assist the Stage Management Team with rehearsals and backstage operations including but not limited to: registration, assistance with parking, pick-up/drop-off assistance, marshalling performers, assisting with maintenance and order of the rehearsal and marshalling spaces. Performer Attendants will be responsible for keeping the performers controlled and together in their assigned marshalling sites. 


  • Good people and communication skills
  • Ability to maintain a strong, but pleasant presence amongst a crowd
  • Able to sustain energy for long, late hours
  • A moderate level of physical activity is required for this role


Duties: The volunteer performers participating in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are required to perform on the field of play as directed by the creative director and/or choreographer. Volunteer participants for this role will be selected and assigned by the PRP creative team.

Skills: Specified by PRP creative team