Countdown to the Games: One Year To Go Manitoba Musicians

The 2017 Canada Summer Games Countdown to the Games: One Year To Go event is just a week away and we have some of Manitoba’s most talented artists performing live to kick off the countdown to THE HOTTEST SUMMER IN HALF A CENTURY!  

The 2017 Canada Summer Games caught up with the One Year To Go performers to get to know them a little a better.

Kelly Bado:

Q: After moving to Canada in 2007, what’s it like to now be performing as part of the kickoff to the country’s largest multi-sport event?

It feels awesome. I am glad to have reached such recognition when it comes to music and I am encourage to do more, push my limits, work harder to keep growing. It is an honor to be a part of this.

A: If you weren’t singing at this event, which Canada Games sport would you choose to play? Not you mean if I was an athlete instead of a singer? I really like swimming if that is one category.

Listen to Bado’s music before July 28 on SoundCloud

JP Hoe:  

Q: What’s it like to be a Winnipegger, as the city prepares to host the Canada Games?

A: Honestly, we love when people get to experience our little city who wouldn’t normally have the chance. The summers here are filled with beautiful parks, festivals, loads of amazing restaurants, and believe it or not, gorgeous weather. If people have a modicum of adventure in their bones, they’ll love coming here and searching out for the nuggets of greatness that keep the rest of us here all year long.

Q:  If you were a professional athlete instead of a professional musician, which Canada Games sport do you think you would be competing in?

A: Easy, golf. I love experiencing quiet, beautifully manicured spaces, where the real challenge is against yourself. Every approach to the ball is another chance to have a perfect shot. If I had all the time and money, I would split them between the course and music tours. I’m getting choked up thinking about such a life.

Check out his new music video for his song Beautifully Crazy

DJ Mama Cutsworth:  

Q: How did you choose which music to mix for One Year To Go?

A: As a DJ, I don't ever stick to a pre-determined set of music to perform at a show. It's best to be in the moment and observe how people are reacting to the songs you're playing, to adapt and work with what's actually happening. That being said, for an event like One Year To Go, I like to focus on a mixture of Canadian artists that are doing exciting things (A Tribe Called Red is a great example) along with fun classics from different eras and parts of the world (that could be anything from Motown gems like Stevie Wonder to maybe some Colombian salsa music). We live in a diverse place, as you know, and it's important to connect to all kinds of people through music and dance.

Q:Which 2017 Canada Summer Games sport are you most likely to excel in?

A: Cycling, specifically the Road Race event. My family didn't have a car when I was a kid, so being a Winnipeg cyclist has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Plus, a couple years ago I participated in an Alleycat bike messenger race with a friend. We got a prize, although I think it was for Most Charming Team or something.

Q: You’re quite involved in the community, like your DJ Academy for All Women, how do you think the 2017 Canada Summer Games will impact Winnipeg’s community next summer?

A: I'm all for any initiatives that bring people greater understanding, respect and appreciation for others, so hopefully that's a big part of the impact it has on our community. I hope that it reflects the range of people living on Treaty 1 Territory. A great outcome would be that kids of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in the Summer Games and are inspired to pursue their own goals.

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Leonard Sumner:  

His hometown might be called Little Saskatchewan First Nation, but it’s actually in the Interlake Region of Manitoba, and this Anishinaabe singer-songwriter is ready to represent!  

Sumner best describes his music as a fusion between Hip-Hop, Country, and Rhythm and Blues, and he is a face for an often-overlooked voice in the traditional music communities.  

Check out his video for his song Best of Me to learn more about Sumner before he hits the One Year To Go stage on July 28!


Dirty Catfish Brass Band:

Q: You’ve said the band’s favourite thing to do is interact closely with its audience. Tell us more about that.

A: 1.  We love having the opportunity to surprise our fans by performing on the street corner or in other unexpected locations.  One time we took a parade through a dollar store in Kenora!  The majority of our performances are on concert and festival stages, but the band really likes to remind our community that music can be found in other places.  There is something really special about seeing smiles on the faces of people who thought they were just making a quick trip to the grocery store and stumble on a brass band!

Q: What’s the best part about busking and parading around rather than performing onstage?

A: I wouldn't say that we prefer one over the other. Our favourite performances are when we have a really energetic audience.  It's something we feed off of!  Sometimes the lines between performer and audience are a little less defined when we busk or when we're on parade, and that can make for really interesting and exciting experiences.  When we're playing a on a stage the roles are a little more set in stone; the band is on stage, the audience is on the dance floor or in their seats.  Like I mentioned before, breaking down those roles and having our audience stand right next to us in a parade or while we're busking makes it feel like more of a collective experience.  Everyone gets to feel like they are part of the music! It makes everything more exciting for us when we can experience music in all kinds of ways and to offer those experiences to our audiences as well! It is just as exciting for us to feel the energy of crowd while we are on stage as it is to have them right next to us throwing out high fives on a parade.

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