Experience Manitoba’s Joie de Vivre

We can’t help but get caught up in the joie de vivre that builds in Winnipeg in February. Our French Quarter booms with the sound of fiddles, spoons, and “hého”!

St. Boniface is the center of much of the Franco-Manitoban community. Founded in 1818 during the fur trade era, it ranks as one of the largest francophone communities in Western Canada. 

Every winter, St. Boniface hosts the Festival du Voyageur. Métis, First Nations and Voyageur heritages are explored through historical interpretations, traditional entertainment, artisans, and musicians, and voyageur games. 

Voyageurs were known for their upbeat folk songs, dances, and games. The games were competitive, with hatchet throwing, racing, and wrestling* among the most popular. 
*Wrestling is one of the 16 sports in the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

For more on the shopping, touring, and dining in St. Boniface, browse Tourism Winnipeg’s spotlight on the quaint neighbourhood.

Video coutesey of our friends at Travel Manitoba. Photos by  Dan Harper.

Festival Do Voyageur, Franco-Manitoban community

Festival du VoyageurFestival du Voyageur