General Orientation FAQ

If you have questions after attending a General Orientation session, please write them down in the Log Book provided by the General Orientation Assistant and the Volunteer Services team will update the questions every Monday.

Is parking available at the venues?

At many venues, there will be no on-site parking available; at a limited number of venues on-site parking will be extremely limited. We encourage you to use the free transit system. We are in the process of developing some other options. More information regarding parking and transportation will be provided at a later date.

How do I know when I am scheduled to shifts?

Shifts will be assigned starting in April 2017. You will be notified by email or telephone. We will provide the volunteers with a how to accept and decline their shifts at a later date.

How do I get assigned to a position?

You are assigned to a position based on the information you provided to us in your application. Positions are assigned based on your skills, interests and availability. You can login to your volunteer profile to make any changes to your interests and availability.

Can I volunteer with a friend or group?

Unfortunately it is not possible to facilitate requests from groups of volunteers to be assigned to the same venue, role or shift. All roles will be assigned to an individual based on their skill, experience, location preferences as well as our internal screening policy.

When will I be contacted now?

After your General Orientation Session you will be contacted once you are scheduled and assigned to a position. You will then be invited to participate in position specific training which is running from May-July 2017.

I am available now to volunteer, how do I help?

Yes, there are ways to contribute as a volunteer prior to the Games. Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at

What color shorts/pants do I wear with my uniform?

Volunteers are required to wear solid color bottoms. They must be professional looking. No cut offs permitted. More information regarding uniform requirements will be included in your position specific training.

Will your volunteer hours be for one venue or multiple venues?

We will have volunteers fulfil their hours at one venue. You may be scheduled at multiple venues if the total 36 hour commitment can not be completed at one venue.

If I have signed up for positions pre-Games, when will I be contacted?

Pre-Game opportunities are becoming available all the time. You could be contacted at anytime.

Will there be a secured area to lock up my bike?

Some venues will have bike racks. More information will be provided on what sites will have bike racks.

What hours do the events occur?

This depends on the venue and the sport. You can find the sport schedule here.

Is there medical on site when I volunteer?

Yes there will be assistance available on site should anyone require medical attention.

If I am a transportation volunteer am I required to use my own vehicle?

No, vehicles will be provided for drivers.