Get moving with the Canada Games Activity Challenge


The Canada Games are turning 50 this year so they created a free program to inspire dreams and build champions in playgrounds and classrooms across Canada. In order to participate in sports, develop confidence and do well in school, kids need fundamental movement skills, and teachers are the coaches who can help them get to greatness!

The Canada Games Activity Challenge is a fun, activity tracking app for Canadian kids and teachers (K-6/7). It creates healthy habits by rewarding daily physical activity. Kids are a part of their classroom team and learn fundamental movement skills at school. Then, they can practice at home, each time earning valuable rewards! You can cheer them on from the sidelines or get in the game yourself. We’ll keep you updated with activity tips and participation rates for your child, offering support along the way.

The Activity Challenge starts in FEBRUARY 2017.


  1. Register from November 17, 2016 - January 27, 2017. The program kicks off February 13, 2017.
  2. Activities start when the program launches! The app’s function allows you to automatically collect points from your students as they complete daily physical activity and develop fundamental movement skills at the same time!
  3. Kids will have a personalized dashboard, and can see their participation progress as their activity points add up.
  4. Fun rewards and incentives will keep your students’ interest and motivate them to participate daily.
  5. Parents will be encouraged to support the program at home through their own series of family activity suggestions and helpful articles on the importance of regular physical activity.


We inspire some of the best athletes in Canadian sport, and feel fortunate to be working with experts in their respective fields to develop this unique Canada 150 program.

For more details on how the program works, to register or if you want to find out more, sign up for the Canada Games Council's newsletter.