Golf is proudly presented by Birchwood Automotive Group, an Official Sponsor of the 2017 Canada Summer Games. Golf competitions are from Tuesday, August 8 - Friday, August 11, 2017 at Southwood Golf & Country Club. Click here to see detailed golf schedule.  Entry to golf competition is free courtesy of Manitoba's Credit Unions. No ticket is required. 

The game of golf can be traced back to Scotland. In 1457, the Scottish Parliament banned golf because they felt its citizens should be practicing the sport of archery instead – for national defense purposes. This Scottish law was repealed in 1502 and the game flourished. The traditional 18-hole rounds we have today can be credited to the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland. Their original layout for the golf course consisted of 22 holes - eleven holes out and the same eleven back, but eventually they decided that two of the holes were too short. They combined two holes, which made the course 9 out and 9 back and the standard 18 holes of golf was born.


Each province and territory may enter up to three male athletes and three female athletes per event.

  • Must be under 19 years of age as of August 1, 2017


Team Competition – 72 hole Stroke Play

Individual Competition – 72 hole Stroke Play

Draw – Round 1 and 2: The draw for round one and two will be random. Play will be in threesomes at ten minute intervals. Team members will play one after another, however each group will be made up of players from different Provinces and Territories.

The draw and schedule for the first two rounds as well as the schedule for the Championship will be done by the host organizing committee in consultation with Golf Canada appointed Technical Representative and be available at registration.

Draw – Round 3: Team ranking will be determined following the first two rounds, with round three tee-times being adjusted based on score – leaders (team) will tee off last. Ties in team rankings used for pairing teams after the second round will be based on when their scores were posted for that round. If two teams are tied with the same scores, the team that posted the score first during the second round gets the higher position. (For example - If Manitoba posted a team total of 288 and teed off at 7:30, they would finish higher than New Brunswick who also finished at 288 but teed off at 7:48.)

Draw – Round 4: Team ranking will be determined following the third round, with round four tee-times being adjusted based on score – leaders (team) will tee off last.

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