The grandmas, the very first fans!

By Carla Oliveira

When Team Saskatchewan scores a point, Shirley Laprise, proudly waves her flag as high as possible. ‘This is exciting’, she says with a beaming smile.

Travelling more that 8 hours to attend the Canada Summer Games, she left Swift Current, Saskatchewan, made her way to Moose Jaw, where she met the rest of her family. Travelling as a group of 8, they’ve come to Winnipeg to cheer on number 12 from Team Saskatchewan, Jeff Kowalchuk.

His teammate, wearing number 4, Benjamin James Camplin, has both of his grandmothers here to cheer him on this week. Seated comfortably at the very top of the bleachers, Wilda Camplin and Pat Mahoney watch the game closely. Pat says that she tries to go to all of her grandchildren’s sporting events. She arrived late last night after attending her other grandson’s game at the U15 Canadian Championship in Regina.

Seated a little further away is Team Alberta’s cheerleading squad making lots of noise when team blue scores. Seated amongst the group are Linda Matthews and Prem Nuliah, who are number 11, Jaden Matthews’ grandmothers. ‘I try to attend as many games as possible, explains Linda, my grandchildren are my life’