Happy Earth Day 2017!

The 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society and Co-Hosts have made a commitment to incorporate sustainability principles, strategies and actions into its planning and delivery activities for the Games. Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the 2017 Canada Summer Games, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate everyday actions people can take to fight climate change.

Celebrating Earth Day 2017 with Downtown Cleanup

Our goals are to eliminate waste, conserve water, and reduce energy use during the Games this summer.

Here's how you can help keep the Games green this summer:

  • Use a reusable water bottle and/or thermos for your beverages
  • Use the appropriate waste, recycling and compost bins
  • Carpool, cycle, take transit or a shuttle rather than travelling alone in a vehicle
  • Observe idle-free zones

Visit our Sustainability page to learn more.