By Jastin Manalo

With ball speeds reaching 340 Kilometers per hour, it’s no wonder the golfing events were shrouded in a quiet, yet very intense, atmosphere. Each player focuses intently on their tees, tactically hitting their ball to propel it with pinpoint accuracy and watching as it reaches it destination. The silence finally breaks as the athletes pump their fists in the air. Hole in one!

Photo: Matt Bedard

Photo: Keith Levit

As with all sports, form is a key factor in golfing. Each and every part of the body must contribute in order to achieve the perfect posture. After the form has been locked down, golfers must consider their surroundings. The “Tiger Eye”, a setup popularized by the infamous Tiger Woods, describes a complete analysis of an athlete’s surroundings, including things such as distance and wind direction. Last but not least, is athletes must perfect their swing; it needs to be fluid, gather momentum, and most importantly, must be accurate. Executing all three of these pieces simultaneously is what is required of athletes who wish to achieve the coveted hole-in-one. Do you think you have the skill?

Photo: Matt Bedard