HOT SHOTS: Day 10 in Photos

It was Manitoba day in Festival world and boy did we celebrate! Visitors (just under 10,000 of them) were in awe as we showcased talent from across the province. Weren’t able to make it? Here’s what you missed:


Photos: Matt Duboff

It wasn’t all pirouettes and plies… Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet stunned the crowd with their graceful moves. Next Canada Games sport? We think yes.

Dynamic Duo

Photo: Paul Reimer

These two took the stage and the rest was history.

The GRAND reunion

Photos: Matt Duboff

Yes, it is true. The Crash Test Dummies reunited on the Canada Games Festival stage after a seven year hiatus and it was just as amazing as it looks.

A quick lap at the pool

Photos: Paul Reimer

Quick is right. These young athletes showed extreme athleticism as they swam to the finish at Pan Am Pool.

Swing Batter Batter Swing!

Photos: Darryl Gershman

Athletes weren’t the only ones knocking it out of the park last night, we all did. The 7 p.m. softball game featuring Team Manitoba and Team Saskatchewan marked the first official sellout of the 2017 Games. We think you guys are all pretty cool. Gold medal