HOT SHOTS: Day 11 in Photos

By Kirsten Neil

Yesterday, the athletes were bringing it at the Canada Games! Competitions were fast and furious, with action happening in the pool, on the river, over the pitch and out at the park. Here’s how the day went down...

Swimming brings the speed

Photos: Matt Duboff

Jump in! Swimming at Pan Am Pool is where you want to be this week. Congrats to Team Manitoba for winning three GOLD yesterday.

CanoeKayak brings the balance

Photos: Ian McCausland

your beach blanket down at the Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre to watch the CanoeKayak athletes keeping their balance on the tiniest of boats as they hurl themselves down the river. Canoe/Kayak is cancelled today (darn rain), but back on Thursday and Friday.

Volleyball brings the action

Photos: Monika Cloutier (Women’s Volleyball), Paul Reimer (Men’s Volleyball)

Ace. Hit. Kill. Attack. Spike. No, that’s not a description of the Dunkirk, it’s what you’re in for watching a hotly contested Volleyball match at Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. Grab a snack, these games are good.

Soccer brings the precision

Photos: Ken Sterzuk

Soccer is a game of skill and decision-making, which means precision needs to be your best friend when trying to score on an opponent at Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex.

Road Cycling brings the endurance

Photos: Anthony Fernando

Cycling is a test of endurance, and these athletes are shining bright in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Congrats to Adam Roberge from Team Quebec (Men’s) and Gillian Ellsay from Team British Columbia (Women’s) for winning GOLD in yesterday’s Individual Time Trials.

Softball brings the strategy

Photos: Darryl Gershman

Team sports are all about the tactics and the strategy. And you’ll see that in droves when you find your way to John Blumberg Softball Complex this week for Women’s Softball.

Niibin is everywhere!

Softball | Photo Darryl Gershman

Volleyball | Photo: Paul Reimer

Niibin, do you ever sleep?

They’re proud, they’re loud, get used to it

Road Cycling | Photo: Anthony Fernando

Canoe/Kayak | Photo: Ian McCausland

Volleyball | Photo: Paul Reimer

From far and wide, the fans at the Games are bringing it.

Three cheers for our volunteers

Road Cycling | Photo: Anthony Fernando

Soccer | Photo: Ken Sterzuk

For keeping those smiles going and helping out one and all at the Games. You’re rocking it.

The games are here for a good time, not a long time, so you don’t want to miss a minute! Get your tickets before it’s too late.