HOT SHOTS: Day 12 in Photos

By Kirsten Neil

Wait. Was that rain falling from the sky yesterday? Trying to dampen our Canada Games mood?! Ha! No way. A little rain is not going to stop us now. We had a few delays, but once those skies cleared, the competitions shifted into higher gear. Here’s how the day turned out...


Photos: Monika Cloutier

Don’t tussle with these muscles. Wrestling started yesterday at Axworthy Health and Recplex and it got heated, quickly. Yesterday saw the start of the team competition, which finishes today. Individual competitions begin Friday.


Photos: Steve Carmichael

Photo: Keith Levit

Volleyball keeps bringing the hits at Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. Yesterday saw a nail-biter in Men’s between Team Alberta and Team Manitoba, with Alberta taking the win.


Photo: Marcel Druwé

Goooooaaaaal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Yesterday, under cloudy skies, the grit and determination of Men’s Soccer was out in full force at Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex.


Photos: Keith Levit

Jump in! Swimming at Pan Am Pool is where you want to be this week. Yesterday saw a flurry of medals awarded. Congrats to Shelby Lynn Newkirk of Team Saskatchewan and Tyson MacDonald from Team Ontario for each taking Gold in the Backstroke Para events!


Photos: Matt Bedard

Golf is picking up speed. Over 35 athletes, male and female, are currently swinging it out at Southwood Golf & Country Club. Photo: Matt BedardPhoto: Matt Bedard


Photos: Darryl Gershman

The qualification rounds of Women’s Softball at John Blumberg keep chugging along. After a rainy afternoon, the skies cleared and gave us a blazing sunset to close the day.

They’re proud, they’re loud, get used to it

Soccer| Photo: Marcel Druwé

Photos: Darryl Gershman

From far and wide, the fans at the Games are bringing it.

Three cheers for our volunteers

Photo: Keith Levit

Photo: Monika Cloutier

For keeping those smiles going and helping out one and all at the Games. You’re rocking it

The games are here for a good time, not a long time, so you don’t want to miss a minute! Get your tickets before it’s too late.