HOT SHOTS: Day 7 in Photos

Last day? Noooo! Medals were given and records were broken, you’ll be missed week one.

Running, jumping and wheeling away from turnaround day like...

Competitions are coming to a close and athletes are feeling those Winnipeg withdrawals already.

Photo: Matt Duboff

Photo: Matt Duboff

Photo: Damian Frazee

We’re just beachin’ it

Do you ever get tired of watching athleticism at its finest under that beaming hot, Winnipeg sun? We don’t.

Photo: Steve Carmichael

Photo: Steve Carmichael

That championship feeling is oh so sweet

Photo; Denis Drouin

Breaking attendance records and taking names

Winnipeggers lined up to see the hometown heroes battle it out at Shaw Park on Friday. The rivals? Our very own prairie neighbors. Congratulations to Saskatchewan on the gold medals. Oops – did we forget to mention it was one of the biggest crowds in Canada Games history? I guess we’re all winners.

Photo: Paul Reimer

Photo: Darryl Gershman