Winnipeg 2017 - Canada Summer Games logo

The Winnipeg 2017 logo celebrates 50 years of the Canada Games, while looking forward to the future of sport in Canada. The main colours are red, gold and black. The dynamic distortion of the maple leaf denotes action and energy, while the typeface of the central Canada Games wordmark denotes a level of respect. The typeface for Winnipeg 2017 takes on a more modern look, symbolizing the future of the Canada Games and that of the athletes whose careers as competitors are just beginning to unfold. The gold ring encircling the maple leaf symbolizes the provinces and territories coming together for the Games. The ring also represents continuity, stability and strength. The colour gold is representative of the quest for excellence, while the red is representative of our Canadian flag and the heated competition that is sure to position Winnipeg's 2017 Canada Summer Games as part of the hottest summer in half a century.