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Be part of the 2017 Canada Summer Games

The 50th anniversary of the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg will welcome more than 4,000 athletes and coaches, over 20,000 visitors, and 6,000 volunteers to what will be one of Canada’s pre-eminent events during our country’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Taking place from July 28-August 13, 2017, the Games will provide a stage where Canada’s next generation of national, international, and Olympic champions can compete in a multi-sport environment.

Winnipeg will be, by far, the largest city to ever host the Canada Games and the physical and human legacies they will leave for our city will be significant. The Games will also feature a major festival, showcasing a variety of entertainment performances, cultural acts, medal ceremonies, and other engagements for locals and visitors. The atmosphere at the venues and around our city during these two weeks will be electric.

With the eyes of our nation fixed on our city, these Games will provide us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate to all Canadians what a tremendous city Winnipeg is, and in the process instill a deep sense of pride in all Winnipeggers.

Preliminary reports estimate that the economic impact of these Games to our region will exceed $150 million.

Even with excellent support from government, the financial support of the corporate sector is absolutely critical for us to realize the full potential of these Games. Excellent packages are available for all companies who come on board.

For sponsorship information, please contact:

Scott Angus
Sponsorship Coordinator