Ridiculously Photogenic Athletes

It’s a universally accepted fact that “game faces” aren’t meant to be pretty. In the midst of the action, all thoughts of grace and elegance generally get thrown out the window. However, that’s not always the case; for example, we all remember Zeddie Little, AKA Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, whose picture went viral back in 2012 for being unreasonably good-looking at the end of a marathon race. Seriously, check out the picture below. Photoshopped? Nope.

Credit: Will King

Athletes usually have flared nostrils, sweaty foreheads and brows furrowed in concentration; but as we combed through the plethora of pictures found at @2017CanadaGames on Flickr, we discovered that there are plenty of Canadians who can also pull off profile-picture-worthy faces while active.

So here are our top 5 Ridiculously Photogenic Athletes:

1. Ryan Evans, from Team New Brunswick

Photo: Keith Levit

No one has the right to look that put together when vaulted tens of feet in the air. Well done, Ryan!

2. Makiah Hunt, from Team Ontario


Makiah managed to establish a new record with this jump – no wonder she’s smiling! Congratulations!

3. Maude Léveillé, from Team Québec

Photo: Marc Nedelec

This picture is so perfect it could be a Renaissance painting. Beautiful!

4.  Alyssa Gauthier, Team Manitoba 

Photo: Keith Levit

Divers usually have the worse game faces – we can blame the laws of physics for that – Alyssa Gauthier defies the stereotype with this elegant dive. Well done!

5. Anne-Sophie Tanguay, Team Québec

Photo: Anthony Fernando

With a smile that bright while mid-dive, Anne-Sophie deserves the spot at the top of our list!

And that’s it! If you happened to snap a picture you think is worthy being included, send it to us @2017CanadaGames, we’d love to hear from you. Want to see more pictures? Visit @2017CanadaGames on Flickr!