SCORE: 10 for team spirit!

Their competition may be over, but their team spirit is never ending! The stands of Pan Am Pool were filled with athletes who were not afraid to be loud and proud as they cheered on the divers who were competing in the 10 meter preliminaries.

Athletes from Team Alberta, Team Saskatchewan, and Team British Columbia were among the spectators Thursday morning, supporting divers such as Margo Erlam from Team Alberta, Joelle Gallais from Team Saskatchewan, and Tanesha Lucoe from Team BC.

Ashley McCool, whose own father and grandfather have also competed in the Games, was part of the Team Alberta cheering squad at the preliminaries. “It’s super encouraging for them [to know] that we’re all here supporting them,” She explains, “So it’s not like they’re here by themselves.” Having already competed and won 3 diving medals in this year’s Canada Games, McCool says that, “It’s pretty exciting having a whole team try and support you and cheer you on.” She finds that support from her team truly helps during a competition as it gives her “a really good energy boost.”

And who better to understand the pressure and the nerves felt during a competition than a fellow athlete? While most athletes came out to support their own team, nothing stopped them from applauding and encouraging other divers.

McCool for example, cheered just as loudly for Elaena Dick of Team Ontario as she did for her own teammates. She shares that herself and Elaena, “Are actually going to the University Games together, so we will be on the same team.” She notes that while there may be a sense of rivalry, “We all love each other and we all support each other.” In fact, several of the athletes often see each other at other competitions such as the Junior Worlds.

Regardless of their placements in their respective competitions, it goes without saying that the Canadian athletes score a 10 in team spirit!