Sport Operations

Be part of the competition! You will assist in the areas of Field of Play maintenance, results, equipment, scheduling, and other sport services.


All sports


Duties: In this hands-on role, a Crew Member will support the sport competition, in variety of tasks that are required by the sport standards.


  • Ability to follow specific directions
  • Ability to spend long hours on your feet, in an outdoor setting

Medium to high level of physical activity depending on specific position.

Sport Information Desk Assistant

Duties: In this role, you will work with the SIO to receive, manage and distribute sport schedules, results and other sport specific information.


  • Previous experience with the sport, understanding schedules and technical terms
  • Previous experience in media and communications would be an asset
  • Strong organizations skills; Intermediate computer skills

Low physical activity.

Equipment Crew


Responsible for setting up, take down, maintenance and any repair of sport equipment and field of play.


  • Follows direction well
  • Previous experience with Sport equipment considered an asset

Medium to high level of physical activity depending on sport requirements .

Minor Official

Duties: Responsible for ensuring the competition rules and technical details  of the sport are met


  • This position will require sport specific training and qualifications.
  • Will be assigned by SOC

SOC decides on skills needs.

Field of Play Crew

Duties: This position will be responsible for the setup, takedown and general maintenance of the field of play.


  • Must have previous experience in field of play maintenance

Will be assigned by SOC.

Results and Scheduling Crew

Duties: A member of the Results and Scheduling crew will be responsible for ensuring the scheduling/timing/scoring systems are operating in the a timely manner, and meets the competition needs


  • Knowledge and experience with sport specific results system
  • Willingness to learn Games time results system
  • Intermediate computer skills

Low level of physical activity.

Sport Production Crew

Duties: Responsible for overall Games Day Sport Production including daily script, music, announcing, emceeing and crowd entertainment.  To oversee medal ceremonies team.


  • Experience in event production and supervision
  • Professional appearance
  • Knowledge of specific sport an asset

Low level of physical activity.

Sport Production Supervisor

Duties: To implement the Daily Sport production and medal ceremonies.   Will include announcing, music, sponsor recognition, crowd entertainment and medal ceremonies


  • Attention to detail and ability to follow a detailed schedule
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight timelines.
  • Professional appearance

Low level of physical activity.

Medal Ceremonies Crew

Duties:Responsible for the implementation of Medal Ceremonies at the Venue.


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Follows direction well
  • Professional appearance

Low level of physical activity.