Stranger things: 2017 Canada Summer Games Edition


By Larissa Campbell

The 2017 Canada Games is gearing up to be the most exciting event of the year! With countless sporting events and festivals, there is something for everyone. However, for those of you looking for events that breakaway from the mainstream… We have a few things that might pique your interest. From a travelling aquarium, to ‘Little Obie’ the miniature train, Winnipeg is offering many Stranger Things for you to enjoy (but only until August 12!)

First on our list is The Red Couch Tour (to be found at the Forks Festival on August 7). This tour invites Canadians to sit down in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday and answer the question “what does Canada mean to you?”

Your response will even be filmed by ELPIO Productions, and can later be found online on the Red Couch Tour’s YouTube channel! This is definitely not something you get to do everyday.

Our next activity is as unique as it gets. The Vancouver Aquarium has decided to bring a little bit of the ocean to Winnipeg via their AquaVan 150! Found at the Forks Festival on August 7, the travelling aquarium is a fun and interactive way to see ocean life in the heart of the prairies. Bringing with them live sea cucumbers, starfish, and sea urchins, the Vancouver Aquarium is using their AquaVan 150 to showcase the diverse ocean ecosystem, as well as a plethora of reasons you would want to visit the west coast!

Have you ever ridden on a miniature train? If not, CN Rail is bringing ‘Little Obie’ train to give free rides at the Forks Festival on August 11 and 12. ‘Little Obie’ is a scale model locomotive complete with flatcar and caboose, and is part of CN Rail’s initiative to promote railway safety and awareness amongst all Canadians!

Continuing with the miniature theme, One Trunk Theatre is proud to bring their odd ‘Dollhouse of Commons’ to the Forks Festival from August 7 to 12. The ‘Dollhouse of Commons’ is a 20 square foot house, complete with red window shutters, in which One Trunk Theatre entertains spectators by “breaking the fourth” wall and creating an intimate relationship between spectator and performer.

And for those non-Winnipeggers, what if I told you it was possible to experiencing countless cultures from every corner of the world in just two weeks? Folklorama is one of Winnipeg’s biggest festivals; allowing spectators to watch performances and eat food from a multitude of cultures, without leaving Winnipeg! With many different countries represented at different pavilion locations across Winnipeg, you can tour the globe through your eyes and tastebuds! And if you can’t make it out to all of the pavilions, be sure to visit the Forks Festival where you can get a glimpse of many different Folklorama talent members, like the African traditional dances of Bola, performed by Oriyomi and Ariya Afrika on August 10.4

Who said that you don’t get anything for free nowadays? Because they’re wrong! Silver Jeans recently surprised many of the 2017 Canada Games athletes at the Athlete’s Village by presenting them with a free pairs of jeans in recognition of all of the effort they have put into getting to the Games. All the athletes had to do was find a pair they liked, find their size, try them on, and voila!, they were owners of a brand new pair of Silver Jeans (who would have thought jeans and sports were a match made in heaven?)

Photo: Silver Jeans Twitter

So, it is quite clear that the 2017 Canada Games have some pretty eccentric events going on… and these are only a glimpse of some Stranger Things Winnipeg is offering during the 2017 Canada Games. There are plenty of other exciting events including a dog show and a miniature bike fest taking place this week.