Through the eyes of Canadians

All eyes have definitely been on the athletes this summer, but what about the rest of Canada?

Volunteering in Three Words - Dedication, Worthwhile, and Fun!

We asked the cheerful and hardworking volunteers to share their reasons for joining the Canada Games team as well as some of their favourite memories from the Games!

“It inspired me when Mr. Brian Bowman came to our school. He spoke about community involvement and at the time I was really focused on that. He mentioned the Canada Games coming up and he encouraged us all the volunteer for it [...] I took that to heart and I signed up the next day.

Photo: Damian Frazee

“It’s a Manitoba thing, [it’s a way] to represent the province and the city in a positive manner.”

“My wife and I like to do a lot of volunteering in the city, it’s our way to give back.”

Photo: Ian McCausland

“I enjoy being an ambassador for the city.”

“I am a proud Manitoban and Canadian. [I love] watching all the young people come in so vibrant and motivated. They’re all winners!”

“I wanted the event to be successful and I wanted the young athletes [to gain] experience.”

Photo: Ian McCausland

“I like sports and my son has played in the past, so I wanted to give back.”

“I’ve met a lot of interesting people and gotten to go to lot’s of different venues.”

“I think the nicest thing is actually interacting with people who are new to Winnipeg.”

“[It’s] meeting the different players and the coaches, and realizing that there’s different people that play the sports all over Canada [that makes the experience memorable.”

“As a whole, this week has been very good. The people that I’ve worked with [...] have been very dedicated [and] very caring.”

“[My favourite memory was a] really close game between Nova Scotia and [PEI], it was won by two points right at the very end of the game. That was the most exciting game so far, and the fans were going absolutely nuts!”

“[My favourite memory was watching] the most intense game between Manitoba and Ontario. The game was really heated, lot’s of fans from both sides and it was really great [...] seeing so many people fired up and hyped watching them play. There’s a lot of people that don’t know anything about the [athletes] playing, but they’re fans and they’re into it. They’re proud of their province and their country.”

“Last night I volunteered at merchandising at Shaw Park and it was great, we were set up right behind ‘Home Plate’, so I got to watch the game. It was fun!”

“Being on the floor and watching the actual basketball game, that was exciting!”

“It [fed] into my love of sports and it’s good to see these kids [my age] playing on the national stage. It’s really good for them and a professional experience for them as well.

“[I] would do it again!

A Winnipeg Welcome - Very Warm and Very Friendly

We asked family members, out of towners, and sports fans to share what they’ve been up to during the Canada Games. Here’s what they had to say about the Games and their host city...

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the volunteers at all the venues. I love how [it ranges] from little kids who are mopping up the basketball courts to senior citizens and people of all different abilities, I’ve been extremely struck by that, taking out tickets or showing the way to the bathroom, things like that. Just being helpful and helping us get around if we need directions. The volunteers have been amazing!”

Photo: Karl Mendoza

“The people, the volunteers especially, have been really friendly. Most people been friendly to us. We appreciate that!”

“I really enjoyed it, I think it was a great week and we had a great time here. The Canada Games was fantastic! The Opening Ceremonies just started off so amazingly!”

“Overall, it’s been a bigger experience for the [athletes] than they anticipated. Watching the boys wear the flags and have pompoms supporting the girls soccer team has been phenomenal. Watching them walk through the Opening Ceremonies, high-fiving everyone, really, it’s been wonderful!”

“Fantastic, just fantastic! The organization has been just wonderful and the friendliness of everybody has been very nice to experience. It’s been great!”

“Our accommodations were amazing! Everyone was just so friendly and once we got past the hotel area, everyone has just been very accommodating. Very hospitable!”

“We’ve seen the boys and the girls play basketball, beach volleyball, boys and girls, softball, baseball, soccer, [...] we really try to get around!”

Photo: Ian McCausland 

“We’ve been to soccer, beach volleyball and baseball [...] we might go to some of the medal games [as well]!”

“Girl’s soccer! My daughter actually on the girl’s soccer team!”

“We’ve been to the Forks down to the little market area to each and look around a little bit. Then there was the great concert yesterday [...] we went down and saw a lot of great music.”

“We went to the museum and down to the Forks a couple of times. It’s a pretty nice city, it’s impressive. We used the River Taxi to get around a bit.”

“We went down to the Forks a couple of times and took in some of the activities down there, which was fantastic! We did a little bit of sightseeing, then some shopping.”

“We’ve been at the zoo, we were at Assiniboine Park, then we spent some time touring around downtown.”

“We went to the Forks, that was fantastic! We saw the festival [and] we went to the Human Rights Museum.”