Volunteer Profile: Bruce Miller

No matter what level an athlete competes at, they know hard work and the support of family, friends and the community is an integral part of their success.

The same can be said for any city hosting a major event because it takes the dedication of volunteers working tirelessly to ensure the event is successful.

Rest assured the over 4,000 athletes preparing for the 2017 Canada Summer Games taking place in Winnipeg, Kenora and Gimli from July 28 – August 13, will have the necessary supports in place.

As a former athlete, Bruce Miller knows the importance sports can play in a person’s life, so he decided to become a volunteer spokesperson to help the athletes shine in 2017.

“Sport has been instrumental in my life and I therefore committed to giving back to the sport community that supported me in my early development as an athlete,” said Miller, who spends his days as a Senior Development Officer for Indspire, a national Indigenous charity that invest in Indigenous peoples.

This won’t be Miller’s first time experiencing a major event like this, something that will no doubt be an advantage as next summer approaches.

“I have not participated as an athlete, however, I had the opportunity to attend the 2001 Canada Summer Games held in London, Ontario as part of the Canada Games Observers Program.  At the time I was the Co-Chair of the Sport and Competition Division for the 2002 North American Indigenous Games which were held in Winnipeg in 2002,” said Miller, who was also a senior volunteer for the Pan Am Games held in Winnipeg in 1999.

Miller knows that Winnipeg is a generous city when it comes to volunteering, and he expects the result will be the same as the organizing committee looks to recruit 6,000 volunteers.

“I hope to provide thought leadership to the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society.  I also hope to lead by example and show that as Winnipeggers we are one of the most generous cities in the country that gives our time and hope to continue that tradition as a city.  I want to be an example for the Indigenous community and show our young people that one day they can do what I do and secondly inspire them to volunteer their time and talent,” he said.

“Volunteering is a part of the fabric of this city and Winnipeg has a reputation of holding exceptional events. I also think Winnipeg always wants to be a great host and volunteers make a significant contribution to hosting events. I know when these 4,500 athletes come from all over Canada they will make many unforgettable memories and it is my hope that some of those memories are due to the fact that many volunteers made a contribution to ensuring their experiences were world class.”

For more information on how you can volunteer for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, please visit our Volunteer Recruitment webpage.