Volunteer Profile: Michelle Pereira

After spending years volunteering in support of her kids’ numerous activities, 2017 Canada Summer Games spokesperson Michelle Pereira decided it was time to do something a little different.

“My children are all grown up. When I volunteered previously, it was always about them and their activities. Now, I want my volunteering to be about what I want to do. I want it to be meaningful and provide personal reward by seeing others have success because of my efforts,” said Pereira, who is also the VP, Marketing, Communications & Philanthropy for Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.

“That for me is what volunteering is all about.  Providing an opportunity for delegates to achieve their personal dreams of success, whatever that may be … I have been wanting to volunteer somewhere that is very different from what I do for a living.  I love sports and especially Olympic style platforms, this felt like a great opportunity.”

As a graduate of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Winnipeg course, it was easy for Pereira to step up to a leadership role and help recruit volunteers.

“People who volunteer typically do it because they feel a sense of purpose.  I believe that volunteering helps keep costs down for the event / activity.  It provides skilled individuals a place to give back and to meet interesting people that they may not have had an opportunity to before.  I believe it also creates lifelong friendships that blossom beyond the event,” she said.

“This is a world class event with youth of our future.  Sport provides skills beyond the field, court or pool, it teaches them collaboration, compromise, leadership, and most importantly to be good citizens.  These young athletes will be leading our country one day, and if I can be a small part of their success, I think that is the least I can do. This event will be something that they will remember for the rest of their lives”

When the games embark on our city from July 28 – August 13, 2017, there will be many memorable moments for spectators, volunteers, athletes and all involved. For Pereira, there’s one thing in particular that will stick out for her.

“Seeing the variety of flags from each province, the participants that are here seeking gold.  And watching the crazy parents cheering for their kids!  People watching is likely my favourite part.  I was one of those parents, and now I enjoy watching the sport, without that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because you want your child to win,” Pereira said.

For more information on how you can volunteer for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, please visit our Volunteer Recruitment webpage.