Volunteer Profile: Sachit Mehra

Volunteering for major events is nothing new for Sachit Mehra, so when the opportunity to be a volunteer spokesperson for the 2017 Canada Summer Games presented itself, the decision was easy.

Mehra, whose family owns the East India Family restaurants in Winnipeg and Ottawa, has been involved with some of the biggest events Winnipeg has been part of. He’s involved in Folklorama as the EMCEE of the Punjab Pavilion, was the Director of the 2015 Grey Cup Committee, Chair of the National Organizing committee - Liberal Biennial 2016, and the Co-Chair for the International Downtown Association AGM – 2017.

“Serving my community and seeing it grow in substantive ways has always been important to me. The games represent a fantastic opportunity for our community to prosper culturally, fiscally and physically today and in the future. It has been an honour to work with an amazing team around the Canada Summer Games table,” Mehra said.

“I've always supported the important impact well-run large events can have on a community. Events like this help to put, and keep Winnipeg on the map.

The impact the Games will have on athletes is profound as they continue on their athletic journeys, but a lasting impact will be left on the community as well.

“As a born and raised Winnipegger, I want my city and its residents to grow and prosper in meaningful ways. Large-scale events and games like the Canada Summer Games bring cultural value, opportunities for athletes to grow and a vehicle for our city to expand and grow into the future,” Mehra said.

“People automatically know that this is an opportunity that comes along rarely. An opportunity to grow through experience, an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, an opportunity to help our community in important ways and finally an opportunity to share in the success of so many great athletes.”

Mehra knows that Winnipeg and the surrounding communities will step up to give their time to this event as they always do when called upon.

“Communities grow through helping each other realize their dreams. The Games represent so many dreams and so many long hours for our athletes here in Winnipeg and across Canada. By volunteering, we can share our expertise, our knowledge and our time and help those here in our hometown really shine,” he said.

For more information on how you can volunteer for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, please visit our Volunteer Recruitment webpage.