What's behind that fiery tale?

You may have seen Niibin, the 2017 Canada Games Mascot, out and about at community events, dancing at press conferences or even devouring a plate of cupcakes on his first birthday, but have you ever wondered who is Niibin?  Lucky for you, we interviewed the beloved magical creature.

What kind of creature is Niibin? A Pokemon? A squirrel?

Forget what you heard about Niibin. He is a magical creature created by the summer heat and he’s the only Niibin currently known to be in Manitoba.

Where was Niibin born?

Niibin was born in the Spirit Sands dessert, in Manitoba. Unfortunately, Niibin doesn’t have a great recollection of his younger years in the dessert but he said he absolutely loved it there.

How old is Niibin?

He’s 15 months old. How old is that in human years? We’ll never tell.

What does Niibin like to do in his free time?

He finds fun in the simplest activities, like playing hide-and-seek with lizards, peek-a-boo with prairie dogs, and sneaking up on white tailed deer. Niibin also enjoys going for long walks on the shores of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.

Photo: Ian McCausland 

What does Niibin like to eat?

Niibin absolutely adores cupcakes. We made the big mistake of introducing him to cupcakes on his birthday and he hasn’t looked back since (and we don’t blame him). Let’s not forget that sweet, sweet honey! Niibin did admit that he particularly enjoys Bee Maid Honey but only the ones that feature his face on the bottle, he says the honey in those bottles is actually sweeter.

Is Niibin single?

Yes, Niibin is single. Niibin’s very shy and doesn’t talk much but he LOVES making new friends!

Where can I find Niibin after the 2017 Canada Summer Games are over?

That is a good question. Once the Games come to a close on August 13, Niibin will continue on with the Host Society to finish some final reporting. We’re not sure what Niibin has planned for September but we hear he might be looking for employment.