2017 Canada Summer Games Mascot

About Niibin

Niibin is a magical creature created by the summer heat, who lives in Manitoba’s Spirit Sands desert. Niibin draws his strength from the sun, giving him energy to explore forests, lakes and fields.

Summer is Niibin's favourite season. He finds fun in the simplest activities, like playing hide-and-seek with lizards, peek-a-boo with prairie dogs, and sneaking up on white tailed deer. He loves to dance, play sports, and head off on adventures.

Niibin is about to go on his greatest adventure yet. Feeling the intensity building in the heart of the country, Niibin is heading to Winnipeg to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Canada Games. Athletes from across the country are preparing to come together for the hottest summer in half a century. They will run, row, jump, throw, pedal, kick, and swim to bring the Canada Games flag back to their home province, and Niibin will be there to cheer them on.

About the Name

Niibin's name (pronounced NEE-BIN) was submitted by Taylor Schepp, a Grade 3 student from St. Emile Catholic School and voted for by people across the world. It is the Anishinaabe word for ‘it is summer.’

Connect with Niibin this summer:


Niibin cannot wait for the Games next summer! To help kids of all ages get excited for the Games, download and print a free colouring page by clicking the link below