2019 Canada Winter Games – JUDO Team Competition

Friday, 1st March 2019

In the initial round of team competition many teams that did not have a full complement of fighters suffered losses due to the forfeited bouts. Although the team points were often 50-0 this does not reflect the intensity of the matches and how close the competitors were in the individual bouts. In team competitions it is about the number of wins that counts and fighters are motivated to not let their teammates down.  

In the semi final round of the women’s category saw Team Ontario up against Team Alberta.  The five on five match up resulted in Team Alberta taking the first two bouts by a full point throw and a full point by hold down.  In the third bout saw a closely contested match between Kondelia Karas of Alberta against Anne Lee of Ontario. Lee won the match with a throw of a full point. In the subsequent match Kiera Westlake of Alberta won by a throw for the full point win.  In the last match Alberta’s Greta Goasdoue-Wallace lost to Ontario’s Alexandria LeFort, but it was too late for Ontario to win the round as the score ended with 30 points for Alberta and only 20 points for Ontario. Alberta advanced to the finals while Ontario fell to the repechage round.    

In the other semi final match BC went head to head with Quebec and BC came out on top to head to the finals with Alberta. BC took the first few matches by scoring full points. Kimi Kamstra won by armlock and Klavdia Danilkov also won by a full point and in the third match Isabella Greene scored a full point by a hold down.  In the final match Coralie Godbout of Quebec won her match by a full point, but BC was able to register the win for the team.

In the women’s bronze medal match Ontario captured the medal from Manitoba with solid wins by full points. Similarly, Quebec took the medal from Team Sask with a score of 50 points to 0.  

In the finals Team Alberta beat Team BC with a score of 40-10. They used a mix of wins by throws, hold downs and forced penalties.  

In the Men’s semi final round Quebec outscored Ontario to advance to the finals while BC and Alberta battled it out with BC advancing with a score of 30-20. Alberta started with two wins by chokes, but BC managed to finish the final three bouts with the wins.  

In the bronze medal match Alberta overtook Saskatchewan with consecutive wins with full points to finish with a score of 50-0. On the other side, Ontario did the same to Manitoba also finishing with a score of 50-0.  

The final match was an exciting showdown between Quebec and BC. Quebec started off with two wins by scoring in the last minute of the bouts. In the next match Finn Schroeder threw Justin Lemire within the first minute. Both fighters attempted simultaneous attacks, but Finn managed to slide in a bit faster than Justin to get the score. Alexandre Arencibia scored a solid throw on BC’s Payton Harris to clinch the gold medal for Team Quebec. In the last match of the day, Ian Ryder executed a full point throw on Martin Penchev, but it would not win them the gold, but just claim some pride in finishing the match with a win.