Artistic Swimming


Artistic swimming was first contested at the inaugural Quebec City Games in 1967. The Sport Centre hosts artistic swimming in week one of the 2019 Games. For sport history and technical package details, visit the Canada Games site.

Notable Alumni

  • Jojo Carrier-Thivierge
  • Madeleine Ramsey
  • Sylvie Fortier 
  • Denise Sauvé
  • Sarah-Eve Pelletier 
  • Eve Lamoureux 
  • Jo-Annie Fortin 
  • Stéphanie Leclair 
  • Camille Bowness 
  • Marie-Lou Morin 
  • Stéphanie Durocher
  • Jacqueline Simoneau 
  • Anne-Marie Chouinard 
  • Camille Remillard 
  • Lisa Sanders 
  • Olivia Zawadiuk 

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