Sport History

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free-technique cross country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship. Cave drawings found in Norway, dating back some 5,000 years, give us the earliest record of skiing and carrying a weapon for hunting or fighting. Historical records from Asia also tell of "winged horses" on the feet of hunters in pursuit of game animals over snow. 

Biathlon was first contested at the 1991 Canada Winter Games in Charlottetown, PEI. For full technical package, please visit the Canada Games site.

Notable Alumni:

  • Kevin Quintilio
  • Tuppy Collard
  • Nikki Keddie
  • Martine Albert
  • Robin Clegg
  • Sandra Keith
  • David Leoni
  • Marie-Pierre Parent
  • Jean-Philippe Le Guellec
  • Brendan Green
  • Marc-André Bédard
  • Megan Imrie
  • Rosanna Crawford
  • Megan Heinicke (nee Tandy)
  • Scott Perras

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