Games time opportunities

In order to host the largest event in the history of central Alberta, we need the enthusiasm and hospitality of over 5,000 volunteers to help in all areas. From security to food services, minor officials to bloggers, there is a volunteer role for everyone with the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

During the volunteer application process, you will be asked to select areas of interest. See below for more information on all the areas you can apply to volunteer in.


Accreditation ensures that all participants and Games Family are issued the correct identification and zone privileges for the 2019 Canada Winter Games. This is a high-volume area at the start of each week of the Games and in the months leading up to the Games. Tasks include producing accreditation badges, handling accreditation concerns and answering Games-related questions. Computer and customer service skills are an asset.


Administration provides administrative and financial support services at 2019 Games venues through the management of the Venue Operations Centre. Tasks include daily reporting, record keeping, chain of command communication, petty cash monitoring and troubleshooting required at the venue. Manages the operations of the Venue Operations Centre. Experience with office procedures and computer skills is required.

Artistic Festivals & Ceremonies

Artistic Festivals & Ceremonies assist with the behind-the-scenes operations for the artistic festivals and Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Volunteers in this area support rehearsals, artist services, spectator services and setup and teardown at the festival and ceremonies locations.

This is a fast-paced environment where giving and receiving clear instructions is critical and teamwork is very important. Physical labour and working outdoors may be required.

Athlete, Mission & Village Services

This area provides exceptional service to the athletes and provincial/territorial delegations at the Games. Volunteers assist in an assortment of roles at the Athletes’ Village in the areas of accommodations, athlete services, entertainment and Village operations. Mission Services volunteers ensure that all Mission teams have the operational and logistical support in non-sport matters throughout their stay in Red Deer. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area, as this area directly serves athletes and provincial/territorial delegations from across the country. Positions in this area are subject to enhanced screening.

Event Services

Event Services are responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for all. Volunteers assist in the areas of ticket taking, greeting, information services, access control and ushering of spectators, including accessibility and environmental services. Teamwork, good communication skills and a customer service attitude is essential in making this area run well. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area. Some locations may require periods of being stationary and may be an indoor or an outdoor venue.

Fit-Out Services

Fit-Out is the term that is used to transform the space or facility into a Games venue. This may include tasks such coordinating commissioning and decommissioning schedules, working with various contractors, vendors and service providers, supporting the Look & Signage team during the commissioning and decommissioning phases of the 2019 Games. Teamwork and attention to detail are important in this area as well as being able to lift 30-50lbs, and being able to troubleshoot construction issues. Positions may be indoor and/or outdoor dependent on the venue.

Food Services

Food Services volunteers assist in various activities relating to the feeding of Games athletes, volunteers and officials at competition and non-competition venues. Serving and presenting refreshment and food options, as well as ensuring eating areas are kept clean, may be required. This area has high traffic and high volume peak times that require teamwork to meet expectations. Food Safe certification is an asset.

Look & Signage

This area ensures that all Games venues have the correct pageantry and signage installed to meet brand, venue operations and wayfinding standards. Volunteers in this area assist in the setup and teardown of pageantry and signage to ensure that each item is installed and disposed of properly. Positions may be outdoors and may require some lifting of materials 30-50lbs.

Mascot Crew

The Mascot Crew includes performers, handlers and drivers to ensure Waskasoo spreads the spirit of the Games to participants and spectators in a safe and efficient manner. This team works throughout the Games time period and has roles at Festivals and Ceremonies. You may be required to complete enhanced screening for this area.

Media Relations

Media Relations volunteers support media, including broadcasters and webcasters, to cover the 2019 Games. Volunteers may assist with press conferences, support the Sport Information Officers to manage media requests and athlete interviews and keep the Main and Venue Media Centres tidy. Some roles in this area support the webcasting of the 2019 Games by manning cameras at sport events.

Materials Management

This area coordinates all of the logistics at the warehouse and for the movement of goods to/from all Games venues. These goods include luggage, sport equipment, furniture, fixtures & equipment, food, merchandise, etc. Volunteers in this area should be able to lift 30-50lbs and expect to be handling various sized materials. A forklift operator's license is an asset to roles in this area. Additional screening may be performed to volunteers who have a willingness to drive vehicles to deliver and distribute materials during the commissioning/decommissioning of venues and at Games time.

Medical Services

This area oversees the medical care for athletes, managers and coaches at the main Polyclinic and at Sport Competition Venues. Ideal volunteers are licensed and practicing physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and athletic therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, therapy assistants, ski patrol and doping control. Receptionists are also required at the Polyclinic located at Red Deer College. Additional screening and proof of certification must be provided to the Medical Services Committee.


This area oversees the proper Protocol and hospitality of the V/VIPs at Sport Competition Venues VIP lounges and the main VIP lounge operating during the 2019 Canada Winter Games. These volunteers oversee and maintain the highest level of services to these spaces, responsible for the transportation and accreditation services for VIPs and ensure a safe, enjoyable and memorable Games experience for all they interact with.

Social Squad

Members of the Social Squad help with the promotion of the 2019 Games during the pre-Games and Games time periods. Working closely with the 2019 Games Marketing team, volunteers report on and observe the 2019 Games and post blog articles, tweets, links, videos, photos, etc. Some roles in this area act as event photographers and take photographs and/or video at both sport and non-sport events at various venues. This area requires additional screening. Own smartphone/device (iOS/Android) and/or camera required. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area.

Spectator Experience

This area helps to celebrate and recognize the athletic achievements accomplished throughout the Games. Volunteers in this area contribute to the overall atmosphere, passion and excitement surrounding the 2019 Canada Games, fueling the overall experience for both the athletes and the spectators. Tasks may include execution of programming around in-game activations, announcers and medal ceremonies. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area.

The Spectator Experience team is looking for energetic and engaging sports announcers to help create an unforgettable atmosphere. To apply to be a sport announcer, click here.


Volunteers in the sponsorship area are primarily responsible for assisting sponsors set up their activations. These volunteers assist during the commissioning and decommissioning of sponsor activations. Throughout the duration of the Games, sponsorship volunteers are responsible for ensuring signage is properly situated and that sponsor VIPs are hosted as per their agreements. Excellent customer service and ability to solve issues with tact are an asset to roles in this area.

Sport Operations

Volunteers in this area are responsible for the smooth operations for the Field of Play and competition spaces, providing athletes from all provinces/territories a fair opportunity to perform their best. Duties include setting up and maintenance of field of play, results, equipment, scheduling and other sport support services. Familiarity or past experience with sport is an asset, but training can be provided on an as needed basis for roles in the pre-Games period. Some locations may require periods of being stationary and can be located at an indoor or an outdoor position.

Sport Venue Operations

Volunteers in this area ensure that all aspects of the venue are running smoothly during the Games, ensuring the safety of spectators, athletes and volunteers throughout the venue. This group of volunteers work closely with venue overlay during commissioning and decommissioning and assist in the orientation of volunteers from other areas to the venue. Some venues may require positions that have moderate lifting and may be required to work outdoors.

Technology Services

This area is responsible for the commissioning and decommissioning of the technology equipment at all competition and non-competition venues, including the distribution, setup/takedown of hardware and providing on-site support during and post-Games time. Prior experience with information technology and troubleshooting issues is an asset.

Ticketing & Merchandise

Volunteers in this area ensure the smooth operations of the merchandise locations and ticket box offices at venues. This role may require lifting items for stocking purposes, if working with merchandise. A friendly, outgoing customer service-oriented manner is required, as these positions have direct contact to influence a positive Games experience for all spectators. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area Prior experience in retail and/or ticket sales is an asset.


There are three main areas of responsibility: airport arrivals and departures, the bussing system and fleet vehicles. Roles in this Functional Area can include drivers, dispatch, load zones and parking. All individuals interested in a driver role with the Games must be 21 years of age or older as of February 1, 2019 with a valid Class 5 driver’s licence and a clean driving record. Individuals with intermediate or higher level of French skills are encouraged to choose this interest area.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers in this area work in numerous capacities designed to support the volunteer workforce through the various phases of the 2019 Canada Winter Games. At Games time, Volunteer Services oversee the volunteer experience. Stationed in the venue volunteer lounges, volunteers in this area serve as the main point of contact for check-in/check-out, resolve accreditation issues, as well as maintaining volunteer food service areas. Volunteers deployed in this role need to be customer-service oriented and enjoy working with all individuals.

No Preference

If all of the above roles are in your wheelhouse of interest, you can select “No Preference” and we will place you where we need you most. Selecting this option means you are willing and able to be placed anywhere and do anything.