An important component of hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games are the legacies that the greater community will benefit from. The state-of-the-art Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre/Centre des Jeux Canada Gary W. Harris and improvements to outdoor recreational spaces, such as Great Chief Park and Canyon Ski Resort, are some of the legacies that will be left in the community for future generations to enjoy.


As a result of hosting the 2019 Games, the following facility legacies will remain in central Alberta for future generations to enjoy:

  • Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre/Centre des Jeux du Canada Gary W. Harris
  • Great Chief Park
  • River Bend Golf Course & Recreation Area
  • Canyon Ski Resort
  • Gary W. Harris Celebration Plaza

Sport and Equipment

Equipment used in the hosting of the 2019 Games will be left with local sporting organizations as a legacy. Combined with the facility legacies,  local sport organizations will have enhanced capacity to increase their sport development. 

Athlete Development

The facilities will provide a space for high-performance athletes to train in central Alberta and will support the youth competing in the Games in the advancement of their athletic careers.

Volunteer Capacity

Over 5,000 volunteers will receive event training in a variety of areas, leaving behind a trained volunteer workforce ready to host national and international events in the future.

Legacy fund

Should there be surplus funds remaining following the completion of the 2019 Canada Winter Games, a 2019 Canada Games Legacy Fund will be established to support the sport leadership and development projects identified in the Legacy Plan. The 2019 Games will identify a suitable organization in the community to steward the Legacy Fund for future years as determined by the Legacy Plan approved by the 2019 Canada Winter Games Board of Governors.


The development of the Canada Games Celebration Plaza will leave downtown Red Deer with a unique gathering space to grow the arts and culture programming in the community.