Ringette has been part of the Canada Winter Games since 1991 when the event was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The Collicutt Centre and Downtown Arena host ringette in week one of the 2019 Games. For sport history and technical package, visit the Canada Games website. 

Notable Alumni

  • Emily Bakker 
  • Jamie Bell 
  • Julie Blanchette 
  • Shaundra Bruvall
  • Lindsay Burns
  • Vanessa Cowlen
  • Erin Cumpstone 
  • Andrea Ferguson
  • Jennifer Gaudet 
  • Jackie Gaudet 
  • Colleen Hagan
  • Kacy Hannesson
  • Ashley Peters 
  • Meghan Pittaway
  • Dallas Robbins
  • Victoria Russell
  • Stephanie Seguin
  • Kelsey Youldon 

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