2021 Canada Summer Games


The 2021 Canada Games Host Society is the steward tasked with hosting the 28 th edition of the Canada Games. To be hosted across all twelve Niagara Region municipalities, the Games will attract over 5,000 athletes and coaches to the Niagara Region in the summer of 2021. The Games are a catalyst and will provide transformative social and economic legacy for the entire Niagara Region, Ontario, and Canada.

As an official test event to the 2021 Games, Niagara Host Society has partnered with Canada Basketball to execute the June 2018 FIBA Americas Championship.


June 10 th – 16 th , 2018 | Meridian Centre, St. Catharines, ON

The 2018 FIBA U18 Americas Championship is celebrating its 10 th anniversary in 2018. The Championship has eight (8) participating teams each from a different country.

The event takes place over a 7 day period with a maximum of 24 games being played. The event will consistent of an initial round robin, featuring two groups of 4 teams, followed by a playoff to determine the medalists; scheduled for Saturday, June 16 th , 2018. This marks the first time the Championship has been hosted in Canada.













During the past several months since Niagara Region was awarded the 2021 Canada Summer Games, there has been plenty of activity going on in preparation for the Games. The opportunity to host the Canada Games in 2021 has truly captured the imagination and spirit of Niagara. The Games will be a powerful catalyst to help provide critical legacy in Niagara, and represents a tremendous opportunity for incredible growth. Niagara’s vision for the Games is based on four pillars of growth:
 For the Games’ participants;
 For Niagara, Ontario and Canadian sport development;
 For all of Niagara; and
 For the Canada Games.

Our goals for each of the four pillars of growth are to:
- Provide a phenomenal experience for the athletes and other participants at the 2021 Canada Summer Games—an experience that will propel their development, allow them to perform their best and inspire them to dream big;
- Provide a legacy of sport infrastructure and programs that are vital for Niagara, Ontario, and Canadian sport development;
- Provide a legacy of infrastructure, community programs and spirit that will be transformative for Niagara; and
- Provide an unmatched podium and partnership for the Canada Games Council to build upon the success of previous Canada Games and strengthen the Canada Games property.

Our activities over the past several months have focused on establishing a governance structure for the 2021 Canada Games Host Society that is best able to deliver these lofty goals, and to further develop our plans for the sport infrastructure and programs that will be such a key legacy of the

We have established a Host Society and recruited a Board of Directors that is comprised of passionate, experienced and accomplished sport and community leaders, including:
 Doug Hamilton (Chair) – lawyer and Olympic medalist/World Champion rower;
 Tom Arkell – Special Advisor, Brock University;
 Mary De Sousa- Executive VP, Marketing, FirstOntario Credit Union;
 Dino DiCienzo – President, Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.;
 Carmen D’Angelo – CAO, Niagara Region;
 Mario D’Uva - Managing Partner, Fallsview Golf Inc.;
 Carolyn Hurst – President, Westcott Vineyards;
 Evan Johnston – Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company;
 Karen Natho - Executive Director, Brock-Niagara Penguins para-sport program;
 Michele O’Keefe- President and CEO, Canada Basketball;
 Liz Palmieri- former Executive Director, Niagara Community Foundation;
 Dave Patterson – President and CEO, Canada Games Council;
 Tom Rankin- CEO, Rankin Construction;
 Elaine Roper – Partner, Odgers Berndtson;
 Adrienne Smoke- Child Educator, Performing Artist and Indigenous Community Advocate;
 Wade Stayzer – VP, Sales and Service, Meridian Credit Union;
 Mary Turner- former President and CEO, Canadian Tire Financial Services; and
 David Veres – former Associate VP, Academic and Learner Services, Niagara College.

The Host Society Board is now in the process of hiring a CEO and hopes to have the CEO in place in
early 2018. Other senior staff positions will be hired by the CEO once he or she is in place.

The Host Society Board has also been working hard to further develop our plans for the sport infrastructure and programs that will be such a key legacy of the Games. Niagara’s plan for the 2021 Canada Games calls for new sport infrastructure, upgrades to existing sport infrastructure and new sport equipment. Much of this sport infrastructure and equipment is to be located at a new Canada

Games Park that will be located in the heart of Niagara and adjacent to Brock University, one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions. Canada Games Park will be located beside the Canada Games Village at Brock University and will host many of the sport competitions at the Games. As a result, many of the participants at the Games will be able to walk from their residence to their competition. The current plan is for Canada Games Park to include a Sport and Ability Centre (with a Wrestling and Combative Sports Centre, CSIO Regional Centre, accessible gym, twin-pad for lacrosse and ice sports, and sport offices), an outdoor Cycling and Environmental Sustainability Centre, an athletics facility and beach volleyball courts. Two key satellite facilities would be included as part of this plan – an accessible Rowing Centre at Henley Island, and a Baseball Centre in Niagara Falls.

Importantly, the sport competition and supporting facilities (including the CSIO Regional Centre and two key satellite training facilities) at Canada Games Park have been selected to provide a legacy of infrastructure and programs in sports such as wrestling, rowing, canoe/kayak, cycling, lacrosse, ice
sports, baseball and several para-sports that are vital for Niagara, Ontario and Canadian sport development. Located adjacent to Brock University and near Niagara College and their renowned experiential learning and applied research programs, Canada Games Park will also be well- positioned to provide a legacy of critical community programs and hosting opportunities.

In order to maximize this opportunity for legacy infrastructure and programs, the Host Society has been continuing to reach out and obtain input from many sport and community groups. This outreach continues to provide valuable insight into sport and community needs and what type of amenities would be important to address in our infrastructure legacy plan – a plan that will once again demonstrate the power of the Canada Games as a catalyst for providing transformative legacy.



For Inquiries, please contact: Rachelle Roy