Abdul Shaikh

Abdul Shaikh’s first taste of the Canada Games dates back to the 1971 Games in Saskatoon where he competed as an athlete for BC’s badminton team. Alongside his partner Cam Dagleish, Shaikh thrived during the Games and captured the Gold medal in Men’s Doubles. 

This success would soon translate to the coaching world, where Shaikh proved to be a tremendous leader, shaping young badminton athletes and guiding them to excellence.

His first stint as a Canada Games coach came during the 2003 Games in Bathurst-Campbellton where he coached Team Saskatchewan. He would then go on to coach Team BC during the 2011 Games in Halifax and eventually led them to a Silver medal. Shaikh will return to coach Team BC again this year in Prince George in the hopes of leading BC to a Gold Medal. 

Shaikh’s contributions to Badminton don’t stop with the Canada Games. Shaikh has been a consistent contributor to the development in badminton in Canada for many years. From aiding in the development of five-time Canadian Champion Mike Butler to coaching Team Canada at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, Shaikh has been extensively involved at the national level.

While you will find Shaikh’s extensive list of accomplishments in the record books, what you may not find in the statistics is the depth of his generosity, selflessness, and the extent of his positive influence on the lives of those who have been mentored by him. Many of his students have acknowledged and praised Shaikh for his rare ability to empower those he teaches to discover and maximize their individual potential. 

The impact that Shaikh has had on the Canada Games and Badminton in Canada cannot be understated.  The passion he displays in all facets of his life is something that Canadians should strive to emulate, and is a prime reason for his induction into the Canada Games Hall of Honour.