Athlete Alumni

Since its inception in 1967, the Canada Games has played a prominent role in developing some of Canada's premier athletes. To search the Canada Games Alumni Database click here.

  • Eugenie Bouchard

    Eugenie Bouchard

  • Sidney Crosby

    Sidney Crosby

  • Catriona

    Catriona Le May Doan

    Speed Skating
  • Lewis

    Lennox Lewis

  • Nash

    Steve Nash

  • Steven Stamkos

    Steven Stamkos

  • Allen

    Jake Allen

  • Auch

    Susan Auch

  • Bailey

    Angela Bailey

  • Darren Barber

    Darren Barber

  • Kristen Barnes

    Kristen Barnes

  • Bedard

    Eric Bedard

  • Felix

    Felix Belczyk

  • Bennett

    Anthony Bennett

  • Jennifer Botterill

    Jennifer Botterill

  • Boucher

    Gaetan Boucher

  • Jay Bouwmeester

    Jay Bouwmeester

  • Brian Walton

    Brian Walton

  • Ian Bridge

    Ian Bridge

  • Brill

    Debbie Brill

  • Cassie

    Cassie Campbell

  • Claire Carver-Dias

    Claire Carver-Dias

  • Chalmers

    Angela Chalmers

  • Christine Nesbitt

    Christine Nesbitt

  • Ryan Cochrane

    Ryan Cochrane

  • Toller Cranston

    Toller Cranston

  • De Grasse

    Andre De Grasse

  • Alexandre Despatie

    Alexandre Despatie

  • Daigle

    Sylvie Daigle

  • Ray Downey

    Ray Downey

  • Jordan Eberle

    Jordan Eberle

  • Sharon & Shirley Firth

    Sharon & Shirley Firth

  • Hugh Fisher

    Hugh Fisher

  • Marc Gagnon

    Marc Gagnon

  • Bob Gainey

    Bob Gainey

  • Nancy Garapick

    Nancy Garapick

  • Nicolas Gill

    Nicolas Gill

  • Danielle Goyette

    Danielle Goyette

  • Kristina

    Kristina Groves

  • Hamelin

    Charles Hamelin

  • Bo Hedges

    Bo Hedges

  • Heil

    Jennifer Heil

  • Sue Holloway

    Sue Holloway

  • Greg Joy

    Greg Joy

  • Kariya

    Paul Kariya

  • Cindy Klassen

    Cindy Klassen

  • Karina LeBlanc

    Karina LeBlanc

  • Sam Lenarduzzi

    Sam Lenarduzzi

  • Todd MacCulloch

    Todd MacCulloch

  • Mackinnon

    Nathan Mackinnon

  • Russell Martin

    Russell Martin

  • Diana Matheson

    Diana Matheson

  • McMorris

    Mark McMorris

  • Heather Moyse

    Heather Moyse

  • Nathalie Lambert

    Nathalie Lambert

  • Marleau

    Patrick Marleau

  • Annie Pelletier

    Annie Pelletier

  • AP

    Alex Pietrangelo

  • MP

    Marie-Philip Poulin

  • Pronger

    Chris Pronger

  • Natalie Spooner

    Natalie Spooner

  • bruny

    Bruny Surin

  • Antoine Valois-Fortier

    Antoine Valois-Fortier

  • Van Koeverden

    Adam Van Koeverden

  • Hayley Wickenheiser

    Hayley Wickenheiser

  • *Photo Credit - Canada Soccer

    Rhian Wilkinson