Canada Games Athletes with a Disability Program

The Canada Games are proud to provide competitive opportunities for Canadian athletes with a disability.
We believe in the Special Olympics Movement, and we continue to foster a relationship with Special Olympics Canada that began over 10 years ago.
The Canada Games are proud to include swimming, athletics and figure skating events for Special Olympics’ athletes at the Canada Games, and we are especially proud of how seamlessly Special Olympics’ athletes and events have merged into our multi-sport Games.
The Canada Games also works with the governing bodies of Canadian sport, through a sport selection process that includes competition opportunities for athletes with a physical disability. Working with our Sport Committee, sports for athletes with a disability are selected while ensuring participation quotas are filled and that meaningful competition will result.
Events for athletes with a physical disability that are integrated into the Canada Games include athletics, swimming, sailing, alpine, cross country skiing and wheelchair basketball.
For us, sport is universal.
We take pride that the hours of preparation and training, the nerves on the big day, the exhilaration of competition and the family and friends crying at the finish line are represented by all Canada Games athletes at all events.

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