Claude Hardy

Regarded as a Canada Games pioneer, Hardy had a tremendous impact on the Games as well as Quebec amateur sports. His legacy will forever live on through the Claude Hardy award, which is bestowed upon the Provincial or Territorial Mission Team that best exhibits leadership, cooperation, integrity and esprit de corps.
As committed as Hardy was to the Games and Quebec amateur sports, he was equally devoted to his family. A dedicated family man, Hardy’s legacy will also live on through his wife Janine, as well as their three children, Caroline, Stephen, and Dominic.
Hardy’s passing in 1995 was felt throughout amateur sport circles across the nation.
Canada’s amateur sport’s world lost a truly remarkable member, one who understood and promoted the importance of the Canada Games motto: Unity through Sport.
Claude Hardy was the epitome of a great Canada Games ambassador. His dedication to the progression of the Games as well as his commitment to amateur sports in Quebec, are only a few reasons for his well-deserved induction into the Canada Games Hall of Honour.