Jim Morell

If Bob Secord, Roly McLenahan, Bill Clarke and Don Johnson, inductees to the Canada Games Hall of Honour in 2009, had an adopted son, it was Jim Morell.
Morell’s involvement in the Canada Games is certainly to be commended as his commitment to the Movement spanned over 26 years.  He was a member of the Canada Games Council from 1984 to 1987 and prior to that was a mission member, assistant-chef or chef de mission for Team New Brunswick from 1969-1981 and altogether has been to 14 Canada Games.
Canada Games Hall of Honour inductee Don Johnson said of his friend and now fellow inductee: “I do not believe I did anything during the 18 years of my involvement with the Canada Games where I did not ask for Jim Morell to be with me as my right hand man.”
The Fredericton, New Brunswick native played a major role in the development and establishment of the Canada Games’ Jack Pelech Award and the Roly McLenhan Torch and was a member of the Host Community Board of Directors for the 1985 Canada Games in Saint John, New Brunswick.
Along with his involvement with the 1985 Games Host Society, Morell remained involved as a member of the Saint John Canada Games Foundation from 1985 to 2005. He has been involved in the sports community in New Brunswick and nationally since 1968. 
Outside the Canada Games, Morell was a coach, official and administrator in Fredericton youth sports organizations including hockey, golf, basketball and baseball. His coaching experience allowed him to be a member of the Board of Directors with the Coaching Association of Canada from 1976 to 1986. While with the CAC, he was involved in the development, implementation and growth of the National Coaching Certification Program in the 1970s and 80s.
His extracurricular activities over the years also included being a member of the Board of Directors for Fair Play Canada, member of the Fredericton area United Way Leadership Team, twice a member of the Board of Directors of the University of New Brunswick’s Associated Alumni, member of the Board of Govenors for the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame as well as a member of the organizing committee for the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association’s Final 12 High School Basketball tournament.
Morell has distinguished himself over his illustrious career, both professionally and as a volunteer. His accomplishments have been acknowledged in the form of the ISRC Honour Award and NBIAA Award of Excellence. Jim Morell can now add Canada Games Hall of Honour inductee to his illustrious resume.