My Canada Games Story: Anthony Dumont-Bouchard

Thursday, 11th January 2018

Q - How did you or your team do at the Games? Did you win a medal?

A - We won the bronze medal in men’s softball. We had a very good week overall. Individually, I finished the tournament as the second best hitter.


Q -What is your best memory from competing at the Games?

A -My best memory from the Games is when we confirmed our medal by beating Nova Scotia. Winning against Ontario in the preliminaries is also a great memory, as Quebec doesn’t at all have the same pool of players as Ontario in softball.



Q -Is there a lesson you learned from competing at the Games? 

A - Always believe in your chance of winning. It happened a few times that we weren’t supposed to win, but found a way.

Q - How do you think the Canada Games helped you in becoming a better athlete?

A - I play hockey in the CHL and my week at the Games made me realize a few things that I can apply both to softball and hockey. I realized that if I stay focused on the things that allow me to be successful, on the process rather than on the result and on the mental and physical preparation, the result will be positive. I also realized that in the end, you’re more proud of the process and the efforts than the results.



Q -What made the Canada Games unique to other events you have competed at?

A - The organization and the scale of the Games is bigger. The opportunity to win a medal for your province doesn’t come around often.


Q -What was it like to participate in the opening or closing ceremony?

A - The opening ceremonies were very special. It’s not something that we’ll live very often in our lives.