My Canada Games Story: Jaden Bediako

Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Q - How did you or your team do at the Games? Did you win a medal?

A - I played on the Ontario men's basketball team and we went undefeated in the tournament to win Gold.

Q -What is your best memory from competing at the Games?

A -The best memory I had was getting to meet so many people from different provinces and watching other people compete in different sports.

Q -Is there a lesson you learned from competing at the Games? 

A - Learning to be a better teammate because my teammates picked me up and I was picking them up when they felt like they weren't playing their best. As a competitor team is always first and "me" later.

Q -What was it like to participate in the opening or closing ceremony?

A - I loved the opening ceremony because we walked around the street and I got to shake the PM hand. Before that, all the provinces were having lunch together and I got to trade some pins. It was great because it was on TSN and its the opening ceremony before the games start.