Nicolas Gill

When you list the names of athletes who have had a tremendous impact on their sport, none are more prominent than Nicolas Gill. Gill reached the top of the Judo world having won a Silver medal at the 2000 Olympics, a Bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics, and medalling in the 1993, 1995 and 1999 World Championships.

You would be hard pressed to find an athlete who was more dominant in his sport than Gill was in Judo during the span of 1989 to 2004, where he was an incredible 10 time national champion. To put it into perspective, Gill’s medal totals represent 50% of the World Championship and Olympic medals Canada has won in Judo over the past 50 years.

Before all these remarkable accolades, Gill’s first taste of national competition came during the 1987 Canada Games in Cape Breton. It was through this experience that Gill could test his mettle against the country’s best to develop his strategy and rise to the top. And rise to the top is exactly what he did. Gill captured the Gold medal in the 54kg category and continued on to take the Judo world by storm. 

Now, looking back on his storied career, Gill can attribute the fact that he competed at the Canada Games, Canada’s largest multi-sport event for developing athletes, and used it as a stepping stone to his international and Olympic success.

Since retiring from athletic competition in 2004, Gill continues his life-long commitment to Judo as the Judo Canada high performance program’s national coach.

Gill’s athletic prowess at the Canada Games and undying support of Judo in Canada make him a very deserving inductee into the Canada Games Hall of Honour.