Ensuring a healthy and respectful sport environment: Canada Games Council acts to protect athletes

Tuesday, 5th June 2018


Reaction to the statements of the victims of Bertrand Charest


(June 5th, 2018) Ottawa – The Canada Games Council wishes to join the sport community in expressing its support of the courageous statements given by the victims of Bertrand Charest.


We admire the courage it took for Amélie-Frédérique Gagnon, Gail Kelly, Anna Prchal and Geneviè​ve Simard to come forward and speak about the tragedies they had to endure. This subject is of paramount importance and these statements will unquestionably help protect future generations of athletes. We strongly encourage the sport community to follow the lead of these brave women as we all band together to further enhance safety precautions.


“Athletes and parents must have confidence that sport organizations and events have taken every single precaution to ensuring a safe environment for all participants,” says Tom Quinn, Canada Games Council Chairman. “Regardless of age, gender or sport, the safety and respect of participants is crucial. We urge governments and the entire sport community to understand and act on this principle - a strong sport system is a safe sport system.”


The Canada Games Council and Host Societies wish to reaffirm their commitment to maintaining conditions that favor a healthy and respectful environment to all participants. We will continue to work with all of our partners to ensuring harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited by implementing the necessary processes that protect everyone involved with the Canada Games