Sandrine Charron

Few have experienced the multiple facets of the Canada Games quite like Sandrine Charron. From competing as an athlete in 1991, coaching in 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007 to managing in 2011, Sandrine Charron has been a pillar of Quebec’s Biathlon team at the Canada Games for many years.

Having fared well at the 1991 Canada Games in Charlottetown as an athlete, Charron truly came into her own as a coach in the following four sets of Canada Games.  A true leader by nature, she excelled in motivating athletes to reach their best level of competition. Always dynamic in her coaching approach, Charron’s clear passion for the sport continues to resonate with her athletes and shows in their performance. The fact that Quebec has medalled in each Games since she began coaching at the Canada Games is proof that her impact on the team is invaluable.

Charron has also proven to be to be instrumental in improving the overall selection process and development of biathletes selected to be in the Canada Games. From hosting a series of training camps and test events to enhancing the selection criteria, Charron continues to work with Biathlon Quebec in an effort to constantly better their team. 

Charron’s contributions to the Canada Games movement also extend beyond her involvement with Biathlon Quebec. Her serving as a minor official for Fencing and Wrestling as well as a volunteer for the opening ceremonies of the 2013 Games in Sherbrooke are further examples of Charron’s notable contributions to the Canada Games.

Charron’s outstanding efforts and contributions to the Canada Games movement and to Biathlon in Canada certainly merit her induction into the Canada Games Hall of Honour.