Canada Games Alumni Shine at Rio Paralympics

Wednesday, 21st September 2016

Canada had a tremendous showing at the Rio Paralympics, winning 29 medals (eight gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze). Canada Games alumni played an integral role in Canada's success. Take a look at the below graphics to see how they did.

Below are the Canada Games alumni who medalled in Rio. 

Brent Lakatos (1999/2003-QC) 
Gold in 100m T53 // Or au 100m T53


Katarina Roxon (2005-NL)
 Gold in 100m Breaststroke SB8 // Or au 100 m brasse SB8


Stefan Daniel (2013-AB)
Silver in PT4 - Triathlon // Argent au PT4 - Triathlon


Brent Lakatos
Silver in 400m T53 // Argent au 400 m T53


Brent Lakatos - Curtis Thom (2001-ON) - Tristan Smyth (2013-BC) - Alexandre Dupont (2005/2009-QB)
Bronze in 4 x 400m relay // Bronze au relais 4 x 400 m


Brent Lakatos
 Bronze in 800m T53 // Bronze au 800 m T53




Meghan Montgomery (2001-MB) 
 Bronze in Legs, Trunk & Arms Coxed Four // Bronze au quatre avec barreur jambes, tronc, bras 




Logan Campbell (2003/2005-SK)
 Bronze in 3-person keelboat (sonar) // 
Bronze à la quillard à 3 personnes (sonar)