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1993 Canada Summer Games

Kamloops, BC
Kamloops, BC

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August 6 – 22, 1993


1993 marked a significant year for Kamloops – not only were they celebrating their centennial year, but also played host to the Canada Games. The opening ceremonies kicked off as the Skyhawks parachuted into the stadium carrying the fluttering flags of the twelve provinces and territories. Both Her Majesty’s representative, the Governor General, and the Right Honourable Kim Campbell were in attendance and Silken Laumann lit the flame to officially launch the 1993 Canada Games. The Games set multiple records in both attendance and sport – with more than 50 previous Canada Games records being broken. It took 103 staff members backed by an amazing 8,400 volunteers to make Games a success. The home province won the Centennial Cup for the biggest improvement from the previous Games, Ontario came away with the Flag, and team New Brunswick won the Jack Pelech award.


Male athletes: 1958

Female athletes: 1399

Total athletes: 3357

Total coaches/managers: 675

Volunteers: 8,400


The following four legacies were achieved through ‘Kamloops 100%’ community support. Kamloopsians worked selflessly above and beyond the call in pursuit of a common community goal – "to stage a superb Canada Games and to leave a sustaining legacy".

1. The Facility legacy to Kamloops includes new and upgraded facilities valued at over $11 million:

  • Canada Games Aquatic Centre
  • Hillside Stadium
  • Kamloopa Club
  • Canada Games Shumway Lake Regatta Centre
  • Canada Games Sailing Centre at Nicola Lake
  • Kamloops Rugby Club
  • Charles Anderson Stadium
  • Canada Games Rotary Tennis Centre
  • Cottonwood Park
  • Canada Games Field
  • Upgrades to facilities on McArthur Island

2. The Equipment legacy, valued at over $700,000 includes:

  • A complete set of track and field equipment
  • Wrestling mats and clocks
  • Sailboats
  • Canoes and kayaks
  • A portable floor for basketball and volleyball
  • Courses for rowing, canoeing, and water skiing
  • Minor equipment essential for all 18 Games sports
  • Sport medicine equipment

3. The legacies of community spirit, pride, and confidence and volunteerism include 8,500 volunteers and staff imbued with feelings of accomplishment and enjoyment from their achievements and new friendships. All of these volunteers and staff can now bask in the glow from the unanimous positive feedback from the visiting Games Family about the excellent organization and unsurpassed friendly ‘Western hospitality’.

4. The legacy of community profile and tourism promotion that came from twenty-four hours of CBC/SRC TV coverage that reached four million viewers. This combined with hundreds of newspaper articles and the millions of impressions produced by Official Sponsors and Suppliers have helped to leverage Kamloops in the minds of Canadians.


During the two weeks of competition, the athletes competed fiercely as it was one of the first times the country got to see the exploits of young stars such as Steve Nash who later became the highest Canadian picked in the NBA draft ever.

Did you know?

  • For the first time in Canada Games history the Closing Ceremony featured athletic competitions and included the final of the 400 m race for blind athletes and the finals of the men’s and women’s 4 x 100 m relay races.
  • The Canada Games Sport Development Legacy Fund, funded from the Games’ operating profit of $1.5 million, will provide on-going benefits to sport in the Kamloops region.
  • The official mascots for the 1993 Canada Games were two coyotes named Butter Cup and Cactus.
  • The theme for the 1993 Games was "Believe in Dreams"

Kamloops, BC
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