Sport Selection

The Canada Games are important to the development of Canadian sport, and thus have evolved to the size where more sports vie for inclusion than any specific Games could possibly include. Because of this, the Canada Games Council takes very seriously its responsibility to select sports in a fair and transparent manner.
Sports are selected to a particular Canada Games program approximately five years in advance of the Games. The Canada Games Council sends a call for applications to national sport organizations with a detailed sport selection process. The process includes the selection/confirmation of core sports and the selection of non-core sports. Core sports are those that have met a threshold of criteria including inclusion in Olympic or Paralympic Games, their number of PTSO members, their Provincial/Territorial ranking, their completion and implementation of Competition Development coaching certification program and whether or not they are an Own the Podium funded organization. 

Non-core sports are evaluated on the following criteria:

-NSO coaching assessment,

-Provincial/Territorial ranking,

-Number of member competitors

-Inclusion in international major games

-Number of PTSO’s

-LTAD assessment

-International Competitions performance assessment

-Own the Podium Ranking

Each non-core sport must go through the assessment process outlined above and is given a score for each assessment area. The total score is used to rank each sport. Sports are added to the program based on their rank and also on subjective criteria, including; gender balance, team sizes and the potential contribution the sport would make to the Canada Games brand.

To help ensure that the Canada Games Council is accountable to sport organizations and stakeholders alike, the CGC has a two step appeals procedure that is followed to resolve issues regarding Sport Selection.  The first step involves CGC’s internal appeal policy and the second step, if needed, would follow the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada process.  The Council recognizes the recommendations and ultimate decision of the independent arbitrators.

National sport organizations wishing to be considered for a future Canada Games should send a letter or email message to the Canada Games Council's Director of Sport.